Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cap City Diner--TO GO!

We have eaten at Cap City before, but it was many years ago. I don't recall being very impressed with it even then. The meatloaf was over priced but the carrot cake was better than average. So, recently my family and I found ourselves at the mercy of Cap City once again, due to a gift card we recently won. 

We decided to place a to-go order. I researched their menu online before calling to make sure we were charged appropriately for our meals and that it came with everything it was supposed to (for some reason restaurants don't like to tell you how much your to-go order will be until you pick it up and they also seem to leave out certain items that come with your meal). 

Our order came with 4 drinks, which the young lady did not mention when she read our order back to me. When I questioned her, she said that it did NOT come with drinks. When I informed her that drinks were mentioned on their website, she asked what kind of drink I wanted (instead of apologizing).

I asked her why she told me that it did NOT come with drinks and she said she didn't know, and admitted that she was wrong. I didn't press the issue any further but was slightly aggrevated. We picked up our food, which was ready promptly on a crowded Friday night. The burgers were thick and tender and the fries were warm. No complaints about the food quality.

Pros: food was okay, but not up to "Mitchell's" standards
Cons: Staff needs to be more familiar with the menu