Thursday, August 23, 2012


So on our family vacation this year we decided to opt for eventful instead of relaxing...we ventured to Washington, DC. I have to admit I was a bit scared and down right paranoid for much of the first 24 hours in our nations capital. I've heard so many horror stories about the crime rate and didn't want my last vacation to be in DC. Soon after maneuvering through the streets of downtown DC, we made our way over to National Harbor, VA to check into our hotel. We stayed at "The Lofts" in a beautiful heavily populated area on the river. It was clean and full of tourists; lots of shopping, restaurants, and hotels within walking distance. After a full day of traveling and an evening of sightseeing the kids decided they wanted to eat at the hotel's restaurant, "Ketchup". Of course,as the name suggests, they serve burgers and fries but they also try their hand at seafood and salads.

The rundown:
-Big bright red script was appealing to the kids and beckoned us to give them a try.

-We entered through the hotel lobby; hostess seemed caught off guard and a bit irritated that we hadn't entered through the front door.

-The kids really enjoyed their burgers and fries and received appropriate portions for their ages (6 & 9).

-My seafood dish was a risotto with scallops, shrimp, and crab (I believe). It had a tiny bit of bacon and little slivers of asparagus on top. I must admit that the seafood itself was fresh and succulent, but the dish as a whole was extremely heavy, salty, and rich. It was served in a heavy cream sauce that over powered everything. It tasted more like an appetizer and I was very disappointed.

-Husband ordered a french fry "threesome" that came with 3 different cuts of fries. The menu failed to mention that one of the fries was sweet potato and that one batch of fries came heavily seasoned (hubby hates seasoning on fries and sweet potato fries). He sent them back. Upon taking his food, he was told that the kitchen was closed (it was 9pm on a weekday in the SUMMER) and he could no longer order. When my husband asked what if we had wanted dessert, we were told that we couldn't even order dessert. Skeptical, we asked to speak with a manager who explained that there had been a miscommunication. The kitchen was indeed open but since the staff had deep cleaning to do that evening, the kitchen was no longer taking new orders. She apologized and gave us two appetizer/dessert coupons for a return visit.

2 Nights Later...
-We stopped in for a "leaving DC" dessert, hoping for the best but expecting mediocre service and food again. We got what we expected. We only ordered dessert, but it was very slow getting to us. My husband ordered coffee and they never brought it (waiter remembered it when he was printing our bill and STILL didn't bring it). Hubby also ordered no whipped cream on his dessert; in return they removed the whipped cream, caramel, chocolate sauce, and the cherry!

-Business advice: The obvious: tailor your menu toward children. Our kids were satisfied with their entree and dessert on both occassions. "Ketchup" should become a burger joint and nothing more.
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